Coral Reef Pool

The Coral Reef Pool is a swim through Tropical Reef snorkeling experience for the whole family.

s-kidAt approximately 300,000 gallons and 4,000 square feet, this pool can hold 4,900 fish and animals and will comfortably accommodate 65 guests at one time. The Coral Reef Pool has some very exciting revenue generation opportunities associated with its design.

This attraction includes:

The reef provides a magical experience that is enjoyable, safe and educational, creating memories to last a lifetime. Families will enjoy snorkeling among colorful local reef fish such as Picasso Tigerfish, Yellowtail Coris and Yellow Tang, (to name just a few) while enjoying the beautiful and wondrous coral reef. Staff will guide guests in the water ensuring safety and facilitating the best possible experience for your guests.

White sand, palapas and beach chairs await the guests at any one of the many beaches surrounding the reef. The beaches provide a place for families to relax and enjoy the beach atmosphere with activities and food and beverages available at Neptune's Triad Bar & Grill.

Reef Experience Activity and Conservation Center

The Reef Experience Activity and Conservation Center is conveniently located near the reef pool and Gift Shop. Guests are able to view exhibits and presentations, sit in on demonstrations, peruse books, magazines and videos that educate and engage. The Center is designed to be a comfortable place for guests to hang out. The Reef Experience Activity and Conservation Center is designed to captivate guests with beautifully designed exhibits on conservation and reef environments. Children young and old will be amazed by the activities connecting them with today's aquatic environment. In addition, Day Trips, Eco Tours and adventures can be operated out of the Center, connecting guests to the local habitat. Depending on the installation this area can also include the gift shop, restrooms and lockers.

By creating experiences that last a lifetime, whether it be relaxing on the beach, snorkeling in the reef or furthering your guests familiarity with these beautiful animals and conservation, Reef Experience with all its amenities is a value to any property.