Marine Animal Sculpture Pool

Who wouldn't want to swim right up to a whale or a dolphin?

beluga_fountainThe Marine Animal Sculpture pool is designed to let your guests do just that. This freshwater swimming area is designed for guests to relax and families to play with life size replicas of real animals.

flukeThe sculpture pool will have marine animal sculptures that guests can interact and play with. These beautiful creatures are fun and lifelike -- each with the ability for guests to climb over, swim under and around. Where else could someone climb on the life-sized whale tail fluke and just sit there or jump off? The dolphins are just breaking the surface of the sculpture pool and a young whale shark is just under the fresh water rim, an invitation for guests to swim alongside or just hang out with them. The natural setting provided allows each guest to create and enjoy his or her own experience.

dolphinPlaying and relaxing on the beach, guests are still surrounded by sculptures. Sea turtles that look real as well as nests of turtle eggs and baby turtles are all on the beach for interaction, play and touch. As you search and explore the rocks around the pools you could find the animated faces of sea lions! These sculptures are designed and programmed to provide guests with fun experiences and a lifetime of memories. It will be hard to choose a favorite from all of the many truly fabulous experiences the reef has created for the guests.