Ray and Shark Lagoon

Imagine swimming face to face with a live shark and with no cage to protect you.

rayFor thrill-seekers, Reef Experience has created the Shark and Ray Lagoon. This exciting amenity will thrill even the bravest guests and provide the opportunity to take a picture holding a shark to show friends back home. In reality, of course, these sharks are harmless varieties that are not a threat to humans.

However, we humans are a large threat to them. Even your less-adventurous guests will have engaging opportunities to learn how sharks and rays may be the most misunderstood villains on the planet, and how their survival plays an important role in the oceans eco balance. Guests will follow various migrations around the world, learn to appreciate their role in the balance of our ocean ecosystem, and then return the next year to track how these beautiful and majestic animals have developed. Repeat visitors will enjoy finding a deeper understanding and appreciation for these misunderstood creatures from the depths of our oceans.